Frequently Asked Questions

What does Committed with the Future mean?

Committed with the Future is a program launched on May 10 2017, which encompasses the actions and commitment of the new Board, the new corporate general management and all the organization, by strengthening the good corporate governance and the restoration of trust of all Peruvians.

What actions does this program entail?

The program has the following initiatives:

    • Creation of an External Advisory Council
    • Risks, Compliance and Sustainability Committee
    • Training for all the employees, regarding the Anti-corruption Programs
    • Reinforcement of Contracting Policies with the State
    • Reinforcement of Association Policies with Third Parties
    • New Third-party Relations Policy

What is the importance of the program Committed with the Future?

In the Graña y Montero Group we are convinced that the different initiatives being currently implemented, as a part of the program, will serve to reinforce and broaden the trust of our clients, investors, providers and all the Peruvian society. We are confident in renewing the pride of belonging, which has so far characterized our more than 28,000 collaborators and their families.

What actions will the Risks, Compliance and Sustainability Committee be responsible for?

This committee will approve the policies and limits of risk exposure, monitor and supervise the area and risk profile of the organization, and it will ensure the policy compliance of the Group, especially the compliance with the Anti-Corruption Policy and the Sustainable Corporate Policy, as well as the laws that apply to the business.

Who constitutes the Risks, Compliance and Sustainability Committee?

The appointed directors for this committee are: Augusto Baertl, Rafael Venegas, Manuel del Río, Pedro Pablo Errázuriz and Alfonso de Orbegoso. All of them are independent directors.

Is Graña y Montero planning to adjust its mechanisms and policies to avoid such future problems? How will this be achieved?

That is why, precisely, we have created the program Committed with the Future. This includes all the actions in which the Group will be working to prevent its reputation from being questioned again.  Everything  we are doing can be found here: Actions for the future

Who elects the Graña y Montero Directors?

The shareholders of the company are the ones proposing and appointing the directors. Our new Board was elected in the General Shareholders´ Meeting, which took place on 31 March 2017. You are kindly invited to learn more about them here:  New Board of Directors

Who are your main shareholders?

The AFPs, which represent millions of Peruvians, own more than 30% of our company. The rest is distributed among investment funds and natural shareholders.

Is there any relationship between Graña y Montero and El Comercio Group?

No, the Graña y Montero Group has no participation in the newspaper, nor is it part of its economic group. Likewise, El Comercio has no participation in Graña y Montero.

What are the addenda used for?

An addendum is a document used to formalize and leave evidence of the execution of services or projects which were not contemplated in the initial reach of the contract. They are performed, either, because the client solicits to make an additional work or because natural factors have impacted in the progress made, or because the contractor identifies improvement opportunities among others.